Our aims

TEA. TIME. aims to enrich the tea and tisane experience with flavourful unique teas blended with contemporary culture to enlighten and uplift you as you take a tea break!

We also aim to offer the most sustainable teas possible...


Did you know Britons get through 61 billion tea bags a year?

If a tea drinker uses 3 tea bags a day that's a whopping 1,095 tea bags each year!

TEA. TIME. loose leaf tea reduces environmental impact and allows for more circulation of the tea and more flavour. You're able to see and smell the teas and tisanes, keeping you more connected to the quality of the ingredients too


We are looking to introduce more unique and delicious blends and keep you informed and inspired.

Sustainability is at the core of what we do and will be looking at more solutions to become even more sustainable as new technologies and systems come into play. One area that we would like to develop and expand into is shops that offer a refill service.

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