We are always thinking of ways to improve and reduce our impact on the environment and ensure fair trade. 

We aim to give back more than we take energy-wise by offsetting the carbon footprint for all TEA. TIME. products by contributing 200% to carbon offset schemes offered by Co2nsensus and Circular Ecology.

Carbon footprint schemes that we contribute towards to make a brighter future for us all include:  


    Wind Power

AY-YILDIZ WP project has been developed by a local energy generation company in the Western region of Turkey. The project contributes to the national economy and provides a portion of the growing electricity demand with renewable energy from wind power.

Benefits of this solar power scheme:

  • The project activity generates “Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Reductions” by avoiding CO2 emissions caused by electricity generation from fossil fuel power plants.
  • The average annual generated energy of 98.7 GWh, will be able to reduce emissions of about 55,379 tCO2e (tons of carbon dioxide equivalent) per annum.
  • The project contributes to the development of local industries as it will allow the use of lower-priced energy for industrialists.


    Improved Efficiency Cooker


    • Reduced deforestation in the local area, as less than half the amount of wood is needed as a fuel for the cookstoves
    • Women and children save time collecting and chopping firewood, which can be spent on education or other tasks. Similar projects have saved up to 6 hours a day for a family. If this project saves only 2 hours of fuel collecting per day for a family, this would save 730 hours per year, which equates to 91 working days each year.
    • Better community health, especially women and children, due to improved indoor air quality
    • Reduced PM2.5 in households
    • Fewer respiratory illnesses such as asthma and coughs from smoke inhalation
    • Reduced CO2 emissions from wood fuel burning, lowering atmospheric CO2 concentration and contributing to a decarbonised society
    • Local training to manufacture, distribute, install and maintain the cookstoves
    • Community education to understand the problems caused by deforestation


    The Panama Forestry Programme is a Gold Standard carbon offset project increasing the environmental sustainability of degraded land by planting 50 tree species, including 20 native species and Teak, transforming the land, over time, into mixed forests, improving carbon storage and habitat creation.

    Cattle ranching has degraded areas of land in Panama. As a response, the Panama Reforestation project plants, mostly native, tree species in these areas to generate sustainable timber production, cocoa production, and employment opportunities. A quarter of the area has been designated as a nature reserve with a 'high biological' value. The restoration of the area will maintain and increase the biodiversity of the animal and plant species over time.

    The project aims to:

    • Protect and restore the degraded ecosystem
    • Generate sustainable timber practices
    • Protect biodiversity in the >13,000ha of project space
    • Additional environmental benefits occurred as habitats for 15 threatened animal species on the Red List have been found in the project forest area, including the brown-throated Sloth.